Fashionable & Functional Wear

Utility Patented Roo Pocket is a transformative solution that addresses the specific needs of diverse industries. The Roo Pocket’s innovative approach to workwear ensures efficiency, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness. Use the Roo Pocket on any style of pants or shorts.

Build Brand Awareness

Employess may wear their Roo Pocket up once off the clock but once they utilize the pocket while out they're now promoting your brand to the public.

Different styles

Choose different styles of the Roo Pocket to fit your needs. Insert hands to keep warm in cold climates.

Hidden Pockets

Whether you keep it up or down the Roo Pocket is easily accessible and convenient.

keep your tools close

Put as many belt loops, straps, elastic straps etc. to hold as many tools to get the job done and never worry where anything is or have to wear any heavy tool belt again.

Store your personal items

Need more space? Worried about pick pocketers? Don't want to carry a bag all the time?

Whatever the job calls for

Detachable panels to better assist the task at hand.

The applications are endless

Choose to add Roo Pocket to the back if you'd like and never worry about sitting on a dirty surface again.


Kids love to use the Roo Pocket, always putting things in their pockets. Great for keeping up with their things whether in school or playing.

Safety first

Detachable front and back light reflective to keep workers on the job safe.


Roo Pocket is fashionable and functional just style how you see fit.


Great to use for hunting, going camping, security service, military personnel, or just to use your second amendment (RTC)

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